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Need For Speed in Real Life

The video opens at the car selection screen that’s really similar to what you’d see in any NFS game. Cars include the Honda Integra Type R, Toyota Celica, Toyota Supra, Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution VIII and a Nissan 350Z. The Celica is selected and drive

publish July 10, 2019 1495
11 Month Old Twins Dancing to Daddy’s Guitar

Identical twin girls get excited whenever there father plays the guitar! The song in the video is called “My Paradise.” This song came from while the twins were still in mama’s belly authorised by twin girls daddy.

publish July 10, 2019 1149
Man Climbs London’s Shard Skyscraper Without Harness

A 19-year-old has scaled London’s tallest building, The Shard, using just his bare hands, and a whole lot of guts. The young daredevil says he’s been wanting to climb the building since he saw it on a school trip when he was only 13. After the mont

publish July 9, 2019 1033
Stunning Chinese Construction Worker Dance

A construction worker in southwestern China’s Sichuan province learned how to dance, and posting his smooth moves online has made him a star. The dancer, known as “Breakdancing Kai Kai” works as a construction worker and hails from Guiyang city in Guizho

publish July 9, 2019 1247
Bottle Cap Kick Challenge: Jason Statham

Inexplicably, bottle caps have become the latest celeb-loved internet fixation. Participant kicks a loose bottle lid off a bottle and sweeps it away with a roundhouse martial arts kick. Most videos show the attempt at a full 360C spin before the kick-off. Not

publish July 8, 2019 1265

Tiger attacks motorcyclist and chases him for a long distance. It’s really unusual and rare for Tigers to go out of the wild to chase people in motorbikes or other vehicles. A motorcyclist had a lucky escape when a terrifying tiger leapt out into the roa

publish July 8, 2019 1070
Dad Thought His Daughter’s Shorts Were too Short, so He Made His Own Pair to Prove It

Father pranks daughter with new short shorts. Jason Hilley decided he needed to teach his teenage daughter a lesson about her fashion choices. So, he decided to buy himself a pair of short shorts and asked his teen to put hers on to see which pair was shorter.

publish July 4, 2019 1503
Funny Trick – Y E S spells yes. What does E Y E S spell?

This interesting and headache giving trick got everyone’s attention when the question giver give’s a really easy question but unfortunately – people really cant solve it at the spot nevertheless it was easy . In this video shows the same thin

publish June 24, 2019 1950
Musician Band “Too Many Zooz” Is Dominating In the Subway

Music group from New York City “Too Many Zooz” – Leo Pellegrino (baritone saxophone) and David “King of Sludge” Parks (drums). Got viral when guys went to the New York City Subway and performed in their self-defined genre – br

publish June 24, 2019 1409
Humans And Sea Creatures Switch Places

French Prankster Rémi Gaillard comically addresses issues related to the treatment of marine species. Dressed up as sea creatures, Gaillard and two of his friends took to the streets to humorously reverse the roles of human and sea creature.

publish June 23, 2019 1259
Incredible World Record Titled Bowfishing Shot

Stephen Banaszak started not only fishing but bowfishing and from hight range to. He started shooting with his bow from high range. As a result, he catches a fish from a world record high. Impressive skills or luck? While people trying to figure it out, only S

publish June 21, 2019 1210
Toyota Tundra Easily Drives Trough Water

Toyota Tundra driver took a risk by driving trough streaming and flooded street. Street filled with water didn’t stop the Tundra while other vehicles were trapped and abandoned.

publish June 21, 2019 1104

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Masked Thieves Used Stolen Digger to Rip ATM Out

Masked men stole the ATM from a garage in Dungiven, Northern Ireland, in the early hours of the morning on 7 April, tearing the machine out of the wall using a digger stolen from a nearby construction site before vanishing into the night. The audacious heist t

publish June 21, 2019 556