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This Is What Happens When You Give A Supermoto Rider A Scooter – Tao Tao 50cc

This is what happens when you give a Supermoto rider a Scooter. Watch him race this Tao Tao 50cc scooter around the home town. Going offroad, down hills, through bike trails, and dragging kickstand. This thing may be slow, but still manages to be a ton of fun.

publish June 14, 2019 768
Grandma Heckles Bodybuilders

Hilarious and young blood Grandma Smith is back at it again heckling bodybuilders. That is the second time Grandma Smith heckled bodybuilders. This time she not only met bodybuilders from the last event, but she made new faces gasp.

publish June 14, 2019 1209
Bond Street Bitcoin ATM Spitting Out Tons Of Money

Bond street bitcoin ATM spitting out tons of money. Guy who is getting loads of money from a street bitcoin ATM flexing and kicking money like it’s nothing. People started gathering in front of the ATM therefore security has to be involved.

publish June 13, 2019 739
Strange Alien Creature Caught On Security Camera

When Vivian Gomez woke up on Sunday morning she saw this on her camera and tried to figure out – “what the heck?” Firstly she saw the shadow walking from her front door then she saw this creature. Vivian asked if anyone else seen this on thei

publish June 13, 2019 1404
”Tótkomlós” Crazy Rally Accident

Terrible accident happened at the ”Tótkomlós” rally show off. Volkswagen golf rally car driver did a massive mistake. He wanted to show off with a slide, but he lost control of the car and went straight to the crowd.

publish June 13, 2019 866
Meet Porter – The World’s First Driving Dog

Porter is the world’s first driving dog but his past was not the best. This video is to help people realise that dogs this smart as Porter, deserve a home.

publish June 12, 2019 932
Farmer ”Stealing” Chicken Eggs Goes Viral

A Chinese farmer’s ingenious ways of “stealing” his chicken’s eggs have gone viral online. He makes them dizzy with his arms and then grabs the eggs.

publish June 12, 2019 651
Little Girl Argues with Dad About Counting

This little girl was adamant that the proper way to count was, “1, 2, 3, 5.” Her dad, who happened to be a teacher, tried to convince her that it was actually “1, 2, 3, 4, 5,” but she wasn’t agreeing with him. It was only when her

publish June 12, 2019 1110
Father Chatting With Adorable Toddler Son

Comedian DJ Pryor and their 19-month old kid, Kingston Jierre, chatting up a storm about the season finale of the television show “Empire,” much of the world is laughing right alongside them.

publish June 11, 2019 610
Two Guys Climbed Up The Shanghai Tower (650 meters)

Two crazy guys climbed the second tallest building in the world standing up to 650 meters – Shanghai Tower in China. They will show you how to climb it. Scary how they can do it like nothing.

publish June 11, 2019 712
Traffic Halts as Giant Anaconda Crosses Road in Brazil

Traffic on a busy road in Brazil halted after the people spotted a giant anaconda over four-metres long and weight around 30 kilograms on road near the city of Porto Velho. The video was shared by Italo Nascimento Fernandes.

publish June 11, 2019 583
They say you can’t outrun the cops… Well…

Chase on the east freeway showed, that you can outrun the police. Somebody with a amazing american muscle car Dodge Challenger SRT Hellcat got away from the police, because they were to slow. Even the Helicopter couldn’t keep up.

publish June 10, 2019 954

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Masked Thieves Used Stolen Digger to Rip ATM Out

Masked men stole the ATM from a garage in Dungiven, Northern Ireland, in the early hours of the morning on 7 April, tearing the machine out of the wall using a digger stolen from a nearby construction site before vanishing into the night. The audacious heist t

publish June 10, 2019 568