The Top 3 Viral Videos of Q1 2019

Viralmixer Team April 22, 2019 449 No Comments

Image by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay

A huge amount of content is introduced on the internet on a daily basis. Some of the content generate billions of views. Some videos are easy to forget while others leave a lasting impression on one’s memory. Others go viral but end up being short-lived sensations. There are videos that point towards a larger behavioral... Read more »

Viral Videos Debunked: Their Effect on Community

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Advancement in technology has revolutionized the way businesses are conducted in the current world. Almost all industries are shifting from the traditional to digital marketing campaigns. Through the digital strategies of communication, various videos and photos came about. Viral videos are described as any clip, or film, or animation that spreads speedily via online sharing.... Read more »